Aegean Airlines

Many airlines now offer the ability for customers to book Pets and Sports Equipment onto the flights. These are great upsells provided the airline has the capacity & ability to accommodate them. Aegean Airlines hired me to design the user experience for a Sports Equipment section and a Pets section to add to their flight booking flow, so that they could begin to upsell customers and increase their average order value.

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Sports Equipment Mobile Wireframe

On mobile, due to smaller screen real estate, I designed the sports equipment component to appear in an easily-dismissable modal. This is so that once the customer initiates the sports equipment selection, they can have a non-distracted view of the options. The high-level options appear first, then users can drill down into more specific options if desired. Alternatively, users can perform a search.

Sports Equipment Desktop Wireframe

On Desktop, the Sports Equipment selectors can appear as dropdowns rather than modals. This is because of increased real state. Also in this example are the selected states of Sports Equipment, which can be removed by the user if not needed or added by mistake.

Pets Mobile Wireframe

Designing pets selection was very similar to sports equipment, except there were far less options to choose from. This meant that the most efficient way to display the options would be in a custom dropdown list where each item contains the title, a description and a price. Once Pets have been selected, they appear in a similar way to selected Sports Equipment.

Pets Desktop Wireframe

Sports Equipment Search

Due to the high number of Sport Equipment options available to the user, a robust search system was absolutely necessary to prevent users having to sift through multiple lists to find what they are looking for. The gif below shows my solution to searching sports equipment. Initially, the user can hover over categories to see a list of sports items within. They can then start typing in a search term which will filter the list of sporting items down to match their search query.

Final Implementation - Sports Equipment

Carrying out a booking on the Aegean website now contains the final implementation of my UX design. I have showcased this below via screenshots of the website. This is also used by millions of people each year.

Final Implementation - Pets

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