Beacon contacted me as they needed an experienced designer who was capable of working alone on a complex project for an extended period of time. They wanted me to design a platform that would enable users to book products onto shipments and track those shipments as they are sent overseas to fulfilment centres - AKA Freight Forwarding. The design needed to have a large emphasis on ease-of-use as it would be used by a large variety of customers - experienced and inexperienced with tech.

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New Shipment

The backbone of Beacon is to make it easy for users to book a new shipment. I designed a very clear & responsive quote search page which asks the user to fill in a few fields such as origin, destination, date and container type required.


Containers come in many different shapes and sizes - some are not even containers at all, rather they are just pallets. This means it was important for us to be able to gather as much information from the user as possible about the type of containers they would be requiring. Since this can be a complex topic, I wanted this to be as visual as possible so that the user can truly understand what they are booking. To achieve this, I used illustrations of the different containers and placed all parameters within the container list item itself. For each container you add, you can set the weight, dimensions, special requirements and quantity.

Quote Results

Rather than bombarding the user with hundreds of results, we decided to present the user with 3-4 of the best matched results for their search query. This would enable users to move forward with the checkout faster - thus improving overall conversion of the platform. The tags to the left of each item describe why that item is a good fit for the user.


During checkout, it was vital to get across the concept of a first time saving that Beacon provide their customers the first time they make a booking with Beacon. I also wanted to make sure that the checkout page was concise and easy to fill out. To achieve this, I used the minimum number of fields required, and even included an invoicing payment method which would mean the user can checkout instantly and just receive a callback from Beacon.

Journey Updates & Document Uploads

Arguably, the most important parts of managing your shipments is knowing where your shipment is at all times, and ensuring that you have uploaded all the necessary documents for each shipment. If any documents are missed, it could cause shipments to be stopped at any part of the journey, including customs. If this happens, shipments are often held for weeks and can cause huge delays. I designed components to showcase where the users shipment is in an easy-to-read timeline, and a documents component which breaks down which documents are still required and creates a sense of urgency for the user.


Essential to the user is the ability to view reports & analytics regarding their account. I create various examples of dashboard reporting components that could help the user interpret data collected from many different aspects of their account, including delayed shipments and invoices.

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