Monarch Airlines

At Monarch Airlines, a large effort was being made to re-design and modernise the entire software suite of customer facing products. This started with the Fare Finder - a tool which users could use to easily search for flights based on various criteria. Followed by Holiday Search and a completely overhauled Flight Booking system. I was placed as the lead designer on this project and put in charge of the entire end-to-end design process.

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Fare Finder Wire-framing

I began wire-framing the Fare Finder to help uncover hidden business rules and functionality that we wanted to include. I also allowed developers to join in with the wire-framing process so that as a team, everyone could give feedback and be a part of the new product.

Fare Finder User Interface

After all wireframes and research were approved by the team, I began to bring the UX to life with the user interface design. Since this was the first step to a new Monarch, I was keen for the design to feel bold and royal. Since the Monarch brand is a fairly strong shade of purple, I decided it was best not to shy away from it but instead use it correctly. I also wanted to make good use of silent video since it can speak a thousand words to the user even whilst running in the background. For this, I collaborated with the marketing department to uncover time-lapses of a couple of Monarch's main destinations. I set these running in a loop behind Fare Finder and placed a purple gradient overlay. The result was stunning and the entire team agreed.

Competitor Analysis

The old flight booking system was a snapshot of the 20th Century. It was clunky, non-responsive, had an extremely dated User Interface and was no longer fit-for-purpose in this day & age. I kicked things off with a competitor analysis of the main competitor flight booking systems on the market. I looked at Ryanair, EasyJet and WizzAir to discover the similarities, what they're doing well, what they're doing badly and everything that we could improve on from a technical & design standpoint (the last thing I wanted to do is design something that the development team would be technically unable to accomplish in our available time-frame).

Flight Booking User Interface - Mobile

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