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Smartway2 is a workplace management tool based in Outlook, Web and Mobile. Outlook is where the majority of Smartway2 users prefer to use the product. This is because it integrates closely with exchange and creating events in Outlook. Outlook is also one of the most popular time-management tools used by businesses around the world. Due to the importance of the Add-In, it was vital that my efforts were first set on this aspect of the product before moving onto the mobile app or web app.

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Logging into Smartway2 is slightly unconventional with the use of database tokens for user ID. In order to streamline the process of logging in for users, I designed it in a way that enabled the users token to be found automatically or with one click. Once found, it is automatically input into the field and the user is asked for their password. This greatly speeds up the log in process for users and reduces frustration.

Resource Selection

One major positive for users comes in the form of being able to swiftly book a resource. Outlook handles a large portion of this by allowing users to enter an event subject and add attendees who are already in their address book. In order to use this functionality to our advantage, I suggested that Smartway2 analyses the subject input by the user and automatically selects the resource type based on that subject. For example, if the subject is "Marketing Meeting", the resource type will be selected as "Book a room" rather than "Book a desk".


Each resource is tagged so that users know the benefits of selecting certain resources. The tags are designed to whittle down the amount of choice that the user has to make and assist them in making a more well-formed decision that could potentially benefit the business. For example, a resource posessing the "efficient" tag is a well-utilised resource which means continuing to use that room if available will save space and uneccessary energy usage in the office.

Map View

Many users prefer a more visual method of booking resources such as booking on a map. This kind of feature is common in apps such as AirBnb. However, Smartway2 are slightly unconventional in the sense that they mostly display a floor plan rather than an actual map. This was challenging to work with because map visuals can be customed using frameworks such as Map Box, whereas floorplans are uploaded as images and can be any colour & line thickness, etc. This means buttons overlayed on top of the floor plan need to look good no matter what is underneath.

Adding Multiple Resources

An important part of the Smartway2 product is for users to be able to add multiple resources to their reservation. For example, potentially being able to add 2 meeting rooms, 1 projector, and a car parking space. However, through Smartway2 user research, I uncovered that the most common type of reservation consists of just one single meeting room. Therefore, it was vital that a single meeting room could be booked with the least amount of clicks possible. Below is my solution to that problem.

Attendee Management

After adding attendees to your booking through Outlook, they are reflected within the add-in reservation form. While you can add attendees natively through Outlook, you can't choose the status of them. I designed a feature that enables the Smartway2 user to set a location status for each attendee.

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